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High Net Worth Planning

for wealth management, Law, accounting, Insurance & Non Profit organizations

A wealth structuring, preservation and transfer firm. We help you develop, support and grow high-net-worth client and donor relationships. We offer:
(1)  Strategic consulting- planning, process & implementation support.                             (2) Modeling of trust & estate, charitable and insurance plans. 
(3) Client experience consulting- technology & marketing support. 

What If, What would, why do? You're probably asking your clients all the right questions. We're a new lens from which to view their answers.

Consult with us:


Creative Clarity

We assist in creating the ideal client experience by identifying the decisions that need to be made,  framing the right questions and providing the supporting proprietary models and presentations that enable clients to visualize data and be empowered to make decisions. 


Interdiciplinary Planning

Many of the most creative and valuable outcomes are found in the intersection of planning disciplines. The ability to identify and execute on those opportunities is where we differentiate ourselves from other options you may have used in the past for advanced planning. 


Collaboration Ease

We are easy to do business with. Years of working with internal and external advisors have demonstrated the necessity of flexibility and customization. Engagement fee's depend on the value and complexity of each project. We'll work with you to remove any perceived risk and or obstacles you may feel there is of working with us. 

What's it like to work with us?

Many large institutions have advanced planning support available for their professional advisors, while most independent organizations do not. Even when this type of support is available it's generally remote and the members of the advanced planning team will only be able to provide a limited amount of time and effort on a case or, in the case of large banks, charge exorbitant upfront fee's in the tens of thousands of dollars to even begin to work with a client, which simply isn't necessary or prudent without first knowing what actionable plan designs they would arrive at or the client would want to implement. 

How we are different:

  • We accept that fact finding and initial plan design options are a part of doing business and don't charge fee's to show value first.
  • We are only paid if the client wants to implement a design so we take the risk out of working with us.
  • The technical depth and breadth of our knowledge and multidisciplinary background is exceptionally rare and produces creative & thoughtful results that differentiate ourselves from other options. We don't do it all alone either. We have a special group of outside advisors we regularly work and conduct study group sessions with. 
  • We focus as much, if not more, on how meaning and value is communicated in the creation of the client experience as we do on how the value is created technically. 

Our is process is simple and flexible:

  • Discovery meeting or phone call to discuss a client situation: having a balance sheet, a review of legal documents and a verbal description of the client situation to discuss is helpful. Initial planning opportunities are identified after a series of questions.
  • Development meeting- tools and techniques are economically compared and a plan is agreed upon that is as simple and integrated as possible.
  • Client Delivery Meeting- Plans and options are communicated visually and verbally. 

Open higher net worth cases, deliver on promises already made and improve client outcomes, experience and firm profitability.