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Taxation- is for Fiscal/ Monetary and Social Policy. Not Revenue.

During the peak of the Financial Crisis in 2008 the Federal Reserve embarked on a program called Quantitative Easing. At the time it was called the “nuclear option.” Under this plan the Federal reserve purchases assets that are falling in price or have few if any bidders. This gives the sellers (generally banks) cash in exchange for an…

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2014 Minnesota Estate and Gift Tax Changes

Governor Dayton signed into law changes for Minnesota’s Gift and Estate Tax laws on Friday March 21st, 2014. Below is a link to the bill enacted (HF1777)( Pages 40 to 47 contain the estate and gift tax sections), summary of changes and a table showing it’s tax impact on various sized estates: http:// 1) Annual…

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Why the Fed’s Monetary Expansion hasn’t caused excessive inflation

Expanding the monetary base can and has caused significant inflation historically.The truth is that credit long ago became a larger factor in inflation than did actual money in circulation. While the  monetary base has expanded, credit has contracted. So much so that the fed’s massive QE programs have effectively offset the loss of credit banks…

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Who am I and what’s the purpose of my blog

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog. I created this blog to support my consulting practice, Wealth Strategist Designs LLC. The entity was created to provide consulting services in the areas of advanced wealth strategy, design, presentation and expert witness consulting serving three markets: 1) Law firms- financial design and modeling implications of trust transactions and…

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