Business Continuation & Executive Benefit Funding,        Gift/ Estate Tax Planning          & Life Insurance Reviews

For private or Family-owned Businesses, Individuals and Trustees

We collaborate with business owners, physicians, executives of publicly traded companies and their professional advisors on the following types of planning often times funded with specially designed and institutionally priced life insurance and/or investments:

  • Business Continuation and Exit Planning: Continuation, Succession and exit planning, operating agreement reviews and liability funding analysis.
  • Nonqualified Plan Design & Funding: Measurable incentives and rewards to retain key persons with or without business equity.
  • Estate & Wealth Transfer Structuring: It's largely your choice to keep, control and/or direct the uses of more of what you accumulated without losing the beneficial enjoyment of those things.
  • Life Insurance Reviews &  Placement: Performance reviews of existing policies funding existing plans and disclosure of all options, commissions, and conflicts of interest on any new policies funding new plans.

"Once we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it." - Chip & Dan Heath.

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