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"In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data" - W. Edward Deming.

We are able to demonstrate outcomes currently not available with any other commercially available transfer tax software we are aware of. 



"Data is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories"- Steven Levitt.

Our modeling and design work answers questions that existing transfer tax software isn't able to and does so in a visually eloquent and succinct manner to impact what clients are supposed to identify. 


Insight & Expertise

"A person who is gifted sees the essential point and leaves the rest as surplus" - Thomas Carlyle. 

We regularly collaborate with professionals in related or unrelated fields to complete projects. We lead and we follow depending on the project. When it's time and appropriate for us to share our input based on everything we heard, learned and clarified, we are precise, clear and thoughtful in our observations and recommendations.



"A target should go with every goal. A target is a value that defines success.If a strategy meets a goal: It’s working. If a strategy meets a target: It’s a success"- Michael Porter. 

Our proprietary models dollarize the net economic benefit of techniques and compare that to the alternatives. This improves decision making and enables reasonable targets for identifying successful outcomes for the client, while simultaneously allowing for the identification of justifiable and reasonable fees based on the value that is or will be created. 


Cost and choice of payor.

We charge project-based fees for consulting. Some projects have standardized fees and others are hourly or value based. We can collect our fees directly from your client or we can bill your firm. The party paying our fee signs a limited engagement agreement, which spells out the assignment and responsibilities of all parties to the agreement. Soon some of our software will be available as a web-based subscription.

You decide. We collaborate.

We are flexible as to how we work with you on any case you bring us into. Some firms introduce us as collaborators working with their firm directly to clients and others don't. We are reasonable and flexible. We want it to be easy to work with us. When some of our software becomes available for subscription will we charge annual fees for access and support. 

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