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"The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see." - John Tukey

We turn your client's data into actionable insight. We create value. 

Expert Actionable Insight and Value.


Advanced Life Insurance Case Design

The use of life insurance in estate, business and philanthropic planning is common. We often hear professional advisors claim to "believe or not believe" in the use of life insurance. The issue shouldn't be a matter of faith.

Life insurance products, integrated within and supporting other planning objectives, can and should be conceptually and numerically modeled within those plans in order to determine under what circumstances it would and would not improve favorable planning outcomes and/or negate unfavorable or unacceptable ones. 

We've built specific and truly unique analysis tools for the accurate numerical and conceptual evaluation of advanced life insurance plan designs within the planning framework and in support of higher planning objectives.    



Business Planning

We help professional advisors integrate their client's entity and personal taxation, employee benefits, business valuation, business succession, business protection and exit planning with their existing or new estate plans.





Trust & Estate Planning

Unlike many other areas of planning where it's a professional advisor's role to largely listen and find the optimal way to implement the relatively informed wishes of the client in the most efficient manner possible, it's likely that most clients are relatively uninformed as to what's even possible in the realm of estate & wealth transfer planning.

Estate planning today is much more complex than it was prior to the ATRA law changes that became effective in 2013. Today it's crucial to know the cost basis of all significant assets in order to effectively compare the tax costs of transferring an asset off the balance sheet vs. receiving the step up in basis if left in the estate for clients with federally taxable estates.

Many estates that previously utilized advanced planning techniques to transfer assets should be unwound to achieve a step-up in basis of the assets transferred. We've built special software to quantify concepts and tax benefits in order to have the facts that are required to make high-quality decisions. 


Planned Giving

We've designed plans for individual donors, law and wealth management firms to implement large gifts over time that coordinated with and supplemented the current gift needs and plans of nonprofits. All the while, integrating planned giving into the personal tax and financial goals of the clients.

We have developed specialized software that is patent pending and literally one of a kind and unique for the use of charitable remainder trusts that identifies income tax and investment opportunities that only came into existence after the ATRA law changes in 2013.

The same software also uniquely illustrates actual short tax years and real payment schedule dates and not just conceptual dates unlike all other software programs we are aware of. We are specialists in the area of CRT design and administration. 


We provide you with the capabilities of an in-house technology team without the overhead and cost.




We spec, design, and build software solutions to better engage your clients and grow your business.  This includes websites, mobile apps, (ie. Android, iOS), and custom system integrations.

Online Marketing

Pursuing leads is vital to the growth of your organization.  We can strategically engage in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, E-mail marketing, and social media to drive targeted traffic to your website.


Hardware Deployment

Having the proper tools is essential to delivering your services.  You help us understand your needs and we provide hardware solutions to execute.  From deploying laptops and mobile devices to installing smart boards in your conference rooms.


Tech Support and Troubleshooting

On-demand tech support at your fingertips.  We have the resources to fulfill desktop/laptop support, hardware repair, network infrastructure, and more.


Operationally we look to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your back-end processes in order to reduce redundancies and costs while improving outcomes. We specialize in the following areas of operational excellence:



Onboarding Process

A critical mission of any organization is its ability to attract and maintain clients. We evaluate the steps, time line, order, and assignment of tasks to evaluate, fix, or create the optimal onboarding process that fits each organization.




Reporting and Billing Processes

For asset management firms, their most common form of customized communication with individual clients originates with the four-times-per-year reporting and billing cycle. We bring the expertise necessary to reduce errors and ensure this critical process is optimized.


CRM Design and Usage

Strong client relationship management is necessary for positioning a firm for future growth and storing critical client-centric information on the firm level and not only on the advisor level. To that end, we have experience helping organizations vet and examine the optimal CRM structure, fields, and usage of the system.


Cross-Functional Process Design

Solutions to cross-functional process design are often hindered by the personal interests and backgrounds of specific employees in various roles. Smaller organizations have the additional burden of being unable to dedicate the man hours to investigate issues without harming workflow elsewhere. We act as a necessary and skilled unbiased third party to help evaluate and return confidence to the process, while enabling the firm to operate unhindered.