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Law Firms

  • Tax modeling of various trust transactions that actually prove the net economic benefit of techniques and planning , which empowers lawyers to give better quality advice and improve the quality and timing of client decision making. 
  • Expert Witness reports and testimony in matters involving advanced transfer tax, financial and life insurance planning. I am certified in US District court as an expert in wealth management, financial planning and premium financing. Cases include:

Bressler et. al. vs. Wilmington Trust Company (No. 09-CV-02957) Plaintiff's Expert Witness- Wealth Management, Financial Planning & Premium Financing. Testified in depositions and before a judge and jury in US District Court for the District of Maryland, Greenbelt Division. More than $20,000,000 awarded to the plaintiff.

Chase Bailey v. Karl Hahn et. al. (FINRA Case No. 11-00603) Plaintiff's expert witness- wealth planning and life insurance premium financing. Testified before a FINRA three-arbitrator panel. You can view the Reuter's link by clicking on the case name. More than $11,000,000 awarded to the plaintiff. 

Wealth Management Firms

  • Advanced tax consulting and design that helps advisors with financial/estate/ philanthropic, business planning, and high-end insurance strategy & case design.

  • Business development and referral generation with centers of influence. 
  • Connecting with the right outside external advisors depending on firm or specific client objectives. 
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Insurance Practices

  • Advanced transfer tax strategy that accurately incorporates life insurance design in the modeling. This enables larger life insurance cases and solves the problem of where how to fund  these policies, often without the use of annual exclusions or lifetime exemption. 

  • The attorneys and accountants you work with on cases we are brought into will be impressed with the planning and possibilities they see that they probably only conceptually understood before vs. knowing now because they've probably never seen accurate data on some of these techniques. 

Nonprofit Organizations

  • I work with existing fundraising staff to identify, solicit and develop larger gifts than might otherwise have been gifted by collaborating and adding significant insight and technical knowledge/ know how having worked with high net worth individuals, families, businesses and their professional advisors for many years. 

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